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Our 5 Step Approach

Methodical, considered, effective

We understand that one of the most frustrating situations faced by clients and candidates is when a placement goes wrong. The negative implications of a poor hiring, from an effort, emotional and financial perspective are huge. To minimise risk, we have developed our own ‘5 step’ approach of listening, understanding, researching, consulting, and finally delivering. It’s this methodical, thought led process that enables us to deliver the right results for our clients and candidates time and time again.

Step 1


We listen and engage in an open two-way communication. For clients we identify the exact needs of the business, what job needs to be done by a potential hire, the skills and qualifications they need to do it, and most importantly the type of candidate they need to do it. For candidates we recognise the personal goals and ambitions of the individual in order to deliver exactly the right opportunities.

Step 2


We understand what each and every hire means for client and candidate alike. Understanding the business case and the importance of the vacancies we fill is vital not just for our clients but also the candidates who place their trust in us to perfectly match their skills, ambitions and personality with the roles we fulfil. By truly understanding the facts we find that we are not just searching for a particular role but the solution to a problem or opportunity for all.

Step 3


Spectrum Search are industry and recruitment experts. However, our consultants are constantly striving to broaden and expand their knowledge and research with every vacancy that lands on our desks. Only by researching our clients in detail can we identify the exact type of talent required to drive their business forward. Of course, it’s the same attention to detail that ensures our candidates are recommended for the very best roles to drive their careers forward too.

Step 4


We go to market and consult our clients and candidates with the opportunities and candidates we are working with to ensure the suitability for both parties before presenting any information to the next stage. Only by offering this depth of transparency and understanding can we ensure our clients and candidates save valuable time and effort.

Step 5


Delivery is only the beginning for our clients and candidates as they start the next step in their business growth and career success. By adhering to our ‘5 step plan’ we have the confidence in knowing our placements are always of the highest quality possible. Our approach ensures we deliver excellence in everything we do and are able to deliver exceptional shortlists of high quality talent for their vacancies.