Candidate Charter.

Candidate Charter.

You’re here because you want results, but it takes commitment to achieve those. True partnerships are essential for doing recruitment right.

That’s why we make a pledge to you at the start of the recruitment process and ask you to do the same in return.

Our pledge to you:

We’ll only present opportunities that are truly right for you

You’ll be informed of the best opportunities in the marketplace, relevant to both your profile and circumstances. No job spam, ever.

We’ll be responsive

Your calls, texts, emails, carrier pigeons, and smoke signals are always our priority. We’ll keep communication going in whatever time and place suits you.

We’ll be radically transparent

No secrets or holding back on info you need. Our open and honest approach means you’ll always be able to make informed career decisions.

We’ll keep you updated

News or no news - we’ll keep you in the loop. We’ll be as open regarding the unknowns as when there’s an update, and we’ll actively work to get you closure.

Your pledge to us:

You’ll be open and honest

For us to understand what you need, 2-way conversations are essential. Your constructive feedback helps us learn what works for you, and what doesn’t.

You’ll commit to the process

Great jobs are competitive. If you agree that you want one, you’ll engage wholeheartedly with the necessities - like interview prep, research, hiring tasks, etc.

You’ll keep us updated

Things change, we get it. But by letting us know of any changes or problems right away, you put us in the best possible position to make sure no one burns bridges.

You’ll be responsive

Communication is key and everyone’s time is precious. You’ll never have to chase us to return your calls, texts, or emails - but we’ll want the same in return. Help us help you.


Jordan Gilbert

Jordan is part of the Blockchain team here at Spectrum Search and is very passionate about blockchain and decentralisation – he works across Development, Product & Community recruitment and loves getting engaged by the latest, game changing projects.

Aside from his work life, he enjoys playing football, walking his dog (Olde English Bulldog called Junior) and socialising with friends and family. Most weekends are spent watching his beloved Norwich City, apparently not as painful as most seem to believe!