People powered partnerships.

Your business is only ever as strong as your best assets, your people. Growing great teams is never easy, it takes time and effort. And if you make a poor hire, the fallout could be huge.

Spectrum Search takes control of this process, giving you back your time and adding value to your bottom line. Our expertise allows us to approach each hiring challenge through methodical research and consulting, which eliminates risk and improves your chances of hiring the high performing people you need.

An astute approach.

Our comprehensive “5 step” system allows us to truly understand your strategic hiring objectives. To not only ascertain exactly what type of candidate you are looking for, but also the wider implications of the hire to your business and future growth.

This big picture perspective means we can deliver value with every hire.

technical and non-technical positions.

We recruit both technical and non-technical positions across the following core areas:

  • Executive Search & Selection
  • Software Development, Engineering & QA, Testing
  • Data & Analytics
  • IT Support
  • Network, Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Change & Transformation
  • Product Marketing & Community 

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Bill Oliver

Bill has a proven track record as a senior executive within the industry. His many years of experience, across a number of sectors, has given him a strong background in Finance, Operations, Business Development and growth. Aside from running the Finance & Operations at Spectrum Search, he offers expert insight for businesses looking to scale up operations through enhancing and developing both dynamic technical and non-technical teams.

Bill loves to spend time with his growing family (currently at 3 grandchildren!) and to watch and follow Liverpool FC.