Recruitment Products tailored for you.

Your recruitment, done your way.

Not many things can supercharge your business growth like a few good quality hires. But more often than not, you’re less than enthusiastic when the need to hire comes around. Why is that?

Usually, the problem comes down to poor fit. Companies fall into the trap of thinking recruitment has to be done a certain way, when a different solution would be better suited. At Spectrum Search, we do things differently.

Moving with the times.

We have conducted extensive interviewing and research of our clients to identify exactly what they need to meet there staffing goals/requirements, from this, our 5 Recruitment Products were born:

Just pick the recruitment product that best suits your current need and get in contact here to understand more about your chosen product and the processes we go through to ensure delivery:


Morgan McCarthy

Morgan is one of our awesome Blockchain recruiters, he loves placing Product & Development talent with game-changing blockchain Cryptocurrency / Blockchain / Web3 / DeFi / dCommerce / NFT businesses in the UK and across Europe and watching those businesses HYPER SCALE, he covers contract/temporary/interim/freelance and permanent positions for his clients.

Aside from work he enjoys socialising with friends, getting onto the golf course as much as he can and following the mighty(ish) Chelsea FC. Keen foodie always looking for recommendations for places to eat. Got any?