What do Software Developer’s look for when applying to a job?

What do Software Developer’s look for when applying to a job?

I have recently been asking some of our wonderful Software Development & Engineering candidates, clients, partners and members of the European .NET & European Java Networks for some advice.

A common complaint I see on LinkedIn, and hear about adverts on job boards, is that adverts are too vague and do not provide enough, or the 'right' information for candidates to make an informed decision to apply. With, in some cases, the candidate not applying as a result. Ultimately here, great companies are missing out on top development talent because they are not telling them what they want to know about the opportunity they have.

So, what do they want to know?

Here is a collection of the most common things that were raised that developers want to see in job adverts / descriptions (in no specific order) …

  • Role Title, indicating seniority/position in the hierarchy.
  • Location (as precise as possible, within the city/town).
  • Company Details (who you are, what you do, about the culture).
  • What they are looking to achieve from the hire and what is expected from the hire.
  • Tech stack - if the position is full stack, outline the importance of front end and back end.
  • Information about the specific project/BAU work the role would be working on (technologies, field, clients, phases).
  • Why it is an excellent opportunity, not just that it is an excellent opportunity.
  • Team size, immediate team, wider team and company, including reporting lines.
  • Precise salary range and benefits package offered.
  • Training and progression available in the role and at the company.
  • Visa support (is there visa support available or not).
  • What format the CV should be sent as and what is being looked for in CV’s.

Hopefully, this will give employers some insight into what Developers are looking for when you are writing job descriptions and adverts, it certainly has for us, alternatively, just give Spectrum Search a call and we would be more than happy to do this for you.

Developers, I am positive I will have missed some, please help out us in Talent Acquisition out and comment below with your advice so when you view future adverts, you’re getting all the information you need to make the best possible decision to apply!

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